Friday, February 8, 2013

Facebook Virtual Yardsales

You know what my absolute FAVORITE way to get a good deal is? Facebook virtual yardsale groups. OMG I'm addicted. Do a search for one in you area. I'm telling you, this is the best thing ever. I have gotten almost all of my baby gear this time around from that group for cheap and sometimes FREE. Yep, occasionally people just want to get rid of stuff and they're letting it go for nothing. A couple of months ago I posted that I was looking for a Jumperoo (retails about $150 or so). One person said she had one, asking $50. Not bad. Next person came on and said she was moving and had one for free. SCORE. And by the way, that free toy is my 6 months old's favorite toy. DOUBLE SCORE!! Ahhhh I love a good deal! <3

Oh, and by the way, selling things on there is super easy too. Great way to make a couple bucks while getting rid of unwanted items. Love it! :)

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